Surgical mask

10,50 EUR incl. VAT / 10 pieces
50 EUR incl. VAT / 50 pieces

Disposable 3-layer mask are provided with a shaping wire for better fixation in the area of the root of the nose. Elastic soft rubber bands for fastening around the ears. The size is 17.5 by 9.5 cm.

About the product

Veils are designed for single use and with a valid certificate

Three-layer composition:

  • top layer: Spunbond - non-woven fabric in blue

  • middle layer: Melting Blown - non-woven filter with BFE (bacterial filtration) and PFE (particle filtration)

  • bottom layer: Spunbond - fine non-woven fabric in white

Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) approx. 95%

- Hold the drape by both ends with the formable wire facing upwards.
- Make sure you put the mask correctly on the inside to the face and outwards. Do not touch the face, ie the inner layer of the mask.
- Use the mask to cover the nose and mouth and fasten the soft elastic bands around the ears.
- Shape the nose wire to copy the shape of the root of the nose.
- Finally, adjust the position of the drape so that it sits precisely and comfortably in the designated places and covers the nose and mouth. Pull the mask to the lower jaw, under the chin, to create a three-dimensional breathing space.



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