Contactless disinfection stand

The disinfectant gel dispenser is part of the stand.

Price 199 EUR excl VAT/ piece
From 10 pcs individual price offer
Shipping is free for purchases over 2000 EUR
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Stand in your branding colors

The product can be customized by gluing or painting the entire surface of the stand body.

Color branding and painting possible from order for 10 pcs.

Contact us and we will send you an individual offer for a disinfection stand with your own branding.


Ergonomic control

When designing the product, great emphasis was placed on ergonomics and easy maintenance of the stand.

The height of the disinfection surface of 120 cm meets ergonomic standards for comfortable use.

The whole product is 150 cm high.

Easy maintenance

The bottle is recessed below the surface of the upper base to improve stability

It is easily replaceable, but also sufficiently secured against vandalism.

The lid is sloping equipped with a drain for dripping gel.

Under the lid there is a container for excess gel, which can be cleaned after removing the lid.

The disinfection bottle has a volume of 1 l with a pump.

Disinfectant gel is not included in the delivery of the stand. However it is possible to order it anytime. We guarantee you unlimited deliveries. The gel for this purpose is supplied by the Czech pharmaceutical manufacturer of disinfectant gel. It is gentle on the skin and effective as an anti-covid as well as a general antibacterial and antiviral gel.

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Colors and other data

The stand offers a large number of variants
adaptation to the customer's visual style.

It can be varnished or branded with foil.

The pedal and the disinfection compressor represent one color pair. The actual body of the disinfection stand can be painted in another color. The third possibility of color differentiation is offered by the base of the stand and the holder of the dispenser for disinfection gel.

Technical data:

Material: Steel, plexiglass

Basic color combination: white, gray

Weight: 12 kg

Dimensions 110 cm height, 154 cm height including plexiglass, 45 cm width of the base and 20 cm width of the stand body.