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Lenka Halásová decided to capitalize on her rich experience in marketing, sales and event production under the EX antivirus care brand. The lack of disinfection stands, which would delight the eye and fulfill the function of a quality product of local production, forced me to throw myself into the design of my own stand. The idea that with 100 or 1000 branches of individual companies, cafes or hotels will be equipped on their knees with prepared models of something that is not representative terrified me. On the other hand, I understood that the financial capabilities of most companies will be limited. That's why we wanted to bring a product that no one needs to be ashamed of and is also more affordable than other variants. By having various stands and other tailor-made products for events at the Extroverts agency before Covid-19, we had proven suppliers that we could contact with confidence. I hope that with this product we will help at least slightly alleviate the negative feelings and impacts associated with the Covid-19 virus.

Lenka Halásová

CEO Extroverts s.r.o.