FFP2 / KN95 respirator

17,50 EUR incl. VAT / 5 pieces
163,50 EUR incl. VAT / 50 pieces

Certified 4-layer respirator of the FFP2 / KN95 class, which is equipped with a shaping wire for better fixation in the area of the root of the nose. Comfortable material and fine fastening. Packed in 1pc.

About the product

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Certified respirators FFP2, 4 layers, in stock.



  • Protection class: KN95 ("corresponds to" FFP2)

  • Degree of filtration: ≥ 95%

The respirator is a disposable protective device with a valid certificate, normally intended for 8 hours of use.



- Hold the respirator by both ends with the formable wire facing upwards.
- Make sure you put the mask correctly on the inside to the face and outwards. Do not touch the face, ie the inner layer of the mask.
- Use the mask to cover the nose and mouth and fasten the soft elastic bands around the ears.
- Shape the nose wire to copy the shape of the root of the nose.



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